Understanding Supply Chain Transparency in Your Jewellery Business

Introduction This idea of supply chain transparency is receiving attention by many companies, even in the jewellery industry. Companies that provide transparency are aware of the origin of their products, and they offer products that are sustainable and not linked to conflict. So many companies are loud with marketing but hardly talk about how the […]

The Jewelry Industry Prepares For Supply Chain Trace-Ability

Blockchain technology is coming to the jewelry industry, and it’s coming fast. Ultimately, this means absolute trace-ability of every element in the jewelry supply chain; from the mine, to the refinery, to the alloy manufacturer, to the production company, the retailer, and on to the consumer. But we’re still years from that level of supply […]

The key to tackling inefficiencies in the jewellery supply chain

Of any industry in the world, the jewellery business is one of the most traditional, the most old-fashioned and the most reliant on direct interaction between master craftsmen and merchants. Some of the most precious metals and stones in the world pass from hand to hand in a supply chain that has barely changed in hundreds […]